Shortly after the fall of the dinosaurs, one proto-man emerged from the desolation of the Cretaceousโ€“Paleogene extinction event to take dominion of Earth and begin ruling this new land.

65,999,986 years later, his great-descendant Cam picked up a camera. While he didn’t know for sure at the time, he could feel that he was picking up a weapon of photographic dominion in very much the same way his ancestor had ruled over a meteor-smashed Earth. Probably in part because the camera glowed the moment his hands touched it.

Some might call this man a hero. Others might call him a time lord. Certainly his nightlife photography wields the type of power to trigger memories, relive past experiences, and feel the emotions of an evening at the depths of your soul.

However, Cam doesn’t know about all that. He just takes the photos, bats away the ladies, and forever lives up to his title as King of us modern monkeys โ€” he even has the banana stickers and wide-eyed adoration of his fans to prove it.