Digital Motion uses Showpass for online ticketing.

Please visit to log into your account to access your tickets.

Do I have to print my tickets? Can I use my phone?

We are flexible, so that you can print off the ticket for a hardcopy that can be scanned for entry, or go paperless and bring up the PDF on your smart phone and scan that directly from your device too. Either way works for us! Print the ticket easily by opening it up from your email and selecting your “print” option, or keep it handy on your phone to show at the door for your event.

If you’re using your phone, make sure the brightness is turned up on the screen and that you have the ticket open and ready to go once you’re at the front of the line to ensure a speedy entry process.

How can I transfer my tickets to a friend?

You can access the “My Tickets” section under the drop down menu on your profile once you are signed in to our site, which will be under your name on the top right of the screen.

Once here, you can choose to transfer tickets to whoever you like by clicking on the red “Transfer Tickets” button on the top right. This will prompt you to select the ticket you want to send to your friend, and enter their information to do so. Once transferred, our system will void the ticket that you have and create a brand new one for the recipient.

Help! I can’t find my tickets! My Tickets says ‘No Tickets Found’!

You can log back into your profile on our website, and then access the “My Tickets” section underneath the drop down from your name on the top right of the screen. From here, you can either download or transfer any of your previous purchases as you’d like!

If this doesn’t work and your “My Tickets” section is showing up as empty, you may be logged in to a different account than the one you bought tickets with. We recommend checking the name, and then logging out and back in, making sure to type in all your information carefully. If you used Facebook to log in when you bought the tickets, do so again to make sure you can find the right ticket basket.

Can I purchase tickets without a credit card?

All online purchases will need a credit card to be completed, and we accept all major types of card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex). Select venues will not accept Amex, so if you’re having issues buying with that card, try another type and it will likely fix the issue.

Some of our events sell tickets through select retail locations, and those can be purchased with cash in person through those stores. Those events will list the locations selling their tickets in the event description, and you can go down and buy a ticket just like you would anything else from the store. They will take cash payment, and then send you the ticket to your email where you can print it off or save it as you’d like. This method also allows you to purchase without paying for our online processing fees, saving you a small amount per ticket!

Can I checkout without using Facebook? I don’t want to create an account.

You can choose to enter your own information without using Facebook by selecting the “Register” option that is just below the “Log In With Facebook” button on the same page. You will need to create an account with us to check out, by entering your name, email, and creating a password, but it will not create a Facebook account.

This allows us to store what you’ve bought from us under your profile, and easily process any ticket re-issues or refunds if needed.

The name on the ticket is the credit card holder! Can I change it?

The name on the ticket doesn’t really matter beyond the look of the ticket. If the ticket has not been used / scanned yet, then you will be able to enter the event no matter whose name is on the ticket. This is so that when someone buys tickets for a group, or for someone else with their credit card, there won’t be an issue with those individuals getting into the event too!

What if the tickets I want to buy aren’t showing up in my cart?

Your browser or device may have a cookie blocker, which stops our site from storing the information on what you’re trying to purchase and putting it in your cart. This frequently occurs when you’re trying to purchase from a work computer, or other device with high security settings. Allowing cookies from our site, or changing the browser or device that you’re using usually fixes the issue.

After this has been done, the tickets will remain in your shopping cart and you can proceed to buy them and get to the show!

How do I know if a ticket I’m buying from someone else is valid?

Unfortunately we do not support third party ticket sellers or retailers, in order to make sure that the ticket you are buying is valid we recommend getting them to transfer the ticket directly to you through our website.

More information on how to transfer a ticket is available on the “How can I transfer my tickets to a friend?” option in this help section, so you can both look at the process and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

How do I get a refund?

All refunds need to be qualified by the organizer, as we are just the ticketing company and cannot issue refunds on their behalf without express permission. Some organizers do not offer refunds while others do, so we recommend that you talk with them first and they will send us your information to reverse your purchase if possible.

They should be reachable through their own websites, or on their social media profiles. Let them know that you’d like a refund, provide the reason, and once they’re in contact with us we’ll take care of the rest! Please allow 5 to 10 business days for the refund to show up on your credit card statement.

How do I get my tickets?

When you buy tickets with us, you create a profile either through your existing Facebook account or by entering your information manually (Name, Email address, Password).

After that, upon completion of the checkout process, the tickets you’ve bought will be sent to the email address that you signed up with. If you used Facebook, they will be sent to the address associated with that account. If you entered your own information, they will be sent to the email address you specified. You can then save them on your device or print them off and show them at the door, either way works for us!

How do I use a discount code?

You can enter a discount code, if you have one, on the “Review” section of the check-out process. After you enter the code, click “Apply Code” right next to where you entered it, and if it is valid your price will be changed right there! Continue through the rest of the check-out to claim your tickets, if it is a 100% discount you will not need to enter any payment information.

Can I resell Showpass tickets?

Showpass does not support or condone the reselling of tickets through either private sales or secondary markets, as this practice goes against Section 16 of our restrictions in our terms of service (see below for the full excerpt).

The ticket transfer function is in place to facilitate a safe hand off of tickets, in the case that one party can no longer make the event and they wish to send a friend the ticket instead.

Unfortunately Showpass cannot guarantee the validity of tickets, or that tickets are not duplicates being given to multiple buyers, if the tickets are being bought and sold outside of our platform.

If you notice any suspicious activity please reach out to our team at [email protected]